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Who else has the hardest time finding the best mascara? Because I know I did for the longest time! One thing I can not live without is mascara. It is evident that I have a serious mascara addiction. I love trying new ones all the time, but I will never let go of my favorites. I usually just prefer simple makeup and full lashes. Therefore, I want to show you guys my favorite top eight mascaras I discovered that give me exactly what I want. I love a good mascara that gives fullness, thickens, and lengthens my lashes all around. I usually apply two coats if not three. Since mascara is one of my essentials I never leave my house without it, I always have to have a travel size in my purse. Fun fact: If I do not have my travel size mascara with me then I’m having a bad day(LOL). My top favorite from the list below is the Diorshow Black Out. One application of that mascara makes me feel so alive. The Diorshow Black Out is always my primary choice from all the other ones below. However, if Dior Black Out ever gets discontinued, I would use the Le Volume de Chanel and Volum Express The Colossal by Maybelline. These two have similar application and a huge price difference. If you are not big on spending too much money on mascara, then the Maybelline drugstore mascara is the best choice for you. It is my favorite drugstore mascara, and I have been using it for seven years now. Some of you may wonder why my second choice is not the Diorshow mascara I posted below, and Chanel is my second choice. The reason for that is that the Diorshow drys out quickly after couple applications. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment below and let me know what your favorite mascara is and why.

Dior: Diorshow Black Out $28.50 USD

Chanel: Le Volume de Chanel $32.00USD

Dior: Diorshow $28.50 USD

Too Faced: Better Than Sex $23.00USD

Maybelline: Volum Express The Colossal $6.99 USD

Benefit Cosmetics: They’re Real Lengthening & Volumizing $24.00 USD

Givenchy: Noir Interdit $29.00 USD

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Velvet Noir Major Volume $26.00 USD

Xoxo: Ani Marti


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